Healing isn’t one moment, it’s consistent movement.

We get it - healing feels overwhelming and sometimes, impossible.
Ruthie and Ashley have been on incredible healing journeys after experiencing deep loss, heartache, death of loved ones, betrayal, physical pain, spiritual pain and emotional pain.

They have spent countless hours and dollars learning tools and practices to come back home to themselves, to reclaim their healing, power, bodies and life.

As they’ve gone through their journeys, they realized: They need to bring the tools and resources they’ve uncovered to the world in an accessible, affordable way.

They know what it feels like to not want to get out of bed. How it feels to seem stuck inside your own life and not know how to move forward.
Where you are right now
does NOT have to be where you are tomorrow.
If you want:
  • Clarity with how to feel joy in your life...
  • Tools and resources to help you return to joy, step-by-step...
  • To reclaim your power and find your voice...
  • ​Routines to help you start and get through the day with purpose...
  • ​To release the pain that’s living inside of you, inviting in healing...
  • ​To be surrounded by others on the same journey so you feel less alone...
Then you’re in the right place



30 Days to Healing At Home

Reclaiming Home helps you uncover your power, turn pain into peace, and learn how to start feeling joy in your life again.

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After you check out, you and a friend will both be sent confirmation emails and instructions on joining an exclusive virtual LIVE meeting to kick off the 30 days with everyone in the course. The live meeting is on February 1st at 7pm Central.

Hi, we’re Ruthie and Ashley

We’ve done tens of thousands of hours collectively, of our own personal healing work, and we wanted to make it digestible and accessible, for you. We know the pain of trauma but we also know the light and joy of healing. Healing shouldn’t be a privilege. It is for everyone and we want to help others uncover their own power and reclaim their healing. 

We’re often asked what we are doing to heal from the things we’ve gone through. We aren’t here to be your therapist or replace mental health services, but we are here to help you discover more tools you can add to your toolkit to help you move forward.

We understand how you're feeling right now

Maybe you’re scared to use your voice because you’ve been told to be quiet for so long...
Or perhaps you feel guilty for experiencing joy after you’ve experienced loss or pain…

You’re probably overwhelmed because your pain feels TOO BIG to even know where to start healing…
You wonder if YOU can even heal. Others maybe, but you’re “not strong enough”...

Could it be that we've been conditioned to believe that there’s supposed to be some “big moment” where we become all better?
We’re told there’s something or someone out there that will magically fix us.

We get that.

But do you want to know the truth?
Nobody else is going to come sweep away the pain and hurt.
The person who can help you out of being stuck, is you.
And the best part? You have the power to reclaim her.

As we sat together and discussed our own healing journeys with each other, we found an incredibly large amount of details of our individual journeys, matched with each other. They weren’t identical, but it was almost as if we’d been running through parallel journeys the past several years, so it was very clear what needed to be included in this course.
It’s taken us years to get where we are now because we didn’t have the tools compiled in such a profound yet concise platform that could be accessed to further our healing. This is what we both wish we had years ago.

What Reclaiming Home students are saying:

What’s In The Course?
   The course kicks off February 1st with an exclusive live meeting with Ruthie and Ashley! 

  Inside the course you’ll find mantras, journal prompts, meditations, and breathing exercises.
Mantras are empowering declarations that help you stay mindful to your thoughts, feelings and intentions. We give you our favorite mantras to help give you the clarity you need to think clearly, find focus with your thoughts and give intention to your feelings. We’ll teach you how to create your own so you always have the exact one you need, right then. Mantras may seem simple, but using the right mantras has truly turned out to be one of the most impactful, life-changing tools we’ve experienced. They bring back clarity and truth, as well as purpose, to our lives.

   In the daily journal prompts we give, you’ll be invited to process through your emotions and feelings. You’ll give a voice to the pain that’s stuck inside, helping you to let it out and let it go, allowing you to move forward with your life. Writing has been the most powerful tool for both Ashley and Ruthie. So much healing and processing of pain has come from writing - this is why it’s included in the course. Writing helps you get out of your head and into your heart.
Neither of us had ever done much meditation before starting our healing journeys. We didn’t really understand how to meditate or what it was supposed to do. We thought it was something yogis did and that you just sat still and quiet for as long as possible.

   As we dug deeper into what true meditation is, we discovered that it helps be able to live in the present moment, not in the past or in the future. The past and the future are where regret, guilt, fear, pain, uncertainty and a lot of other things live. But the present is where our power lives. Being truly present in the moment allows us to come back to the reality and truth of our lives - that we’re full of power and potential, capable of experiencing peace, now.
We’ll show you that meditation can be done by anybody - you just need to know how to do it. Expert Rebecca McCotter, who has personally coached Ashley, will lead us in meditations weekly.

   We’re going to teach you the ways we’ve set up a safe space in our homes. A place where you can heal can be created nearly anywhere and we’ll show you what we’ve done so you can do it too.

   At the start of each week, you’ll have a podcast style audio clip to listen to from Ashley and Ruthie. During these sessions, the weekly topics will be discussed and you’ll be empowered to continue on your journey.

Let’s take a closer look inside Reclaiming Home:

  • Week 1 - Reclaim Your Pain - Your daily practice is your training ground for how to show up in the world and live intentionally. Week 1 will be helping you create daily routines that invite you to find joy in your life, exactly how it is, and reclaim your pain by reclaiming your peace. Through daily journal prompts and this week’s expert meditation, you’ll start receiving more clarity for your life.
  • Week 2 - Reclaim Your Power - Have you ever been afraid to use your voice? It’s time to take your power back, and to reclaim it from people, events, or things that have taken it from you. This week, you’ll be given tools and journal prompts to help you uncover your power, and step more fully into it.
  • Week 3 - Reclaim Your Body - What would it feel like to wholly, and completely, love yourself. Many times we take out our pain on the closet person to us, ourselves. This week will empower you to love that girl staring back at you in the mirror. Through daily practices, and expert meditation, week 3 is an invitation to come back home to yourself.
  • ​Week 4 - Reclaim Your Healing - What would a life of healing feel like for you? Healing is yours. It is happening right now. It is something that we have to actively participate in, and you’ll have built your own tool box throughout our time together that can serve you for the rest of your life. This week, you’ll be empowered to create affirmations and a healing path for moving forward, including a meditation for the week. 
  • Bonus - Weekly guided meditations by Rebecca McCotter

What Reclaiming Home students are saying:

We’ve spent countless hours and dollars in our healing journeys.

We wanted to make these tools accessible to as many people as possible.

That’s why we’ve spent so much time compiling all these resources for you at a very affordable price of just $147.

Plus Special Bonus Content with Rebecca McCotter

Special Guest - Rebecca McCotter is an internationally recognized yoga and mindfulness instructor. Specializing in working with women during times of transition, in particular fertility, pregnancy and into motherhood. Rebecca has taught in New York, London and San Francisco. Currently Rebecca works with women privately and semi privately in Silicon Valley and virtually across the globe.
Drawing on evidence-based techniques, Rebecca integrates movement, mindfulness, meditation and breathalyzer to restore, revitalize and optimize each client's well being.

Rebecca holds specialist certifications in Pelvic Floor Yoga, Postpartum Rehabilitation and Mindfulness. She is accredited with the International Yoga Alliance. Rebecca holds an MBA (Masters in Business) and certifications in nutrition and women's health coach.

Can you imagine how good it will feel to be able to wake up excited instead of overwhelmed?

Imagine feeling clarity about the path you’re on and having confidence in yourself again.

How powerful will you feel being able to reclaim yourself and ownership of your healing journey?

How empowered will you feel having accessible daily practices that create purpose and intention right away?

Reclaiming Home can help you do all these things and more.
And we are SO excited for you to join us.

Disclaimer: The Reclaiming Home course is not therapy nor is it meant to replace therapy. Ashley LeMieux and Ruthie Lindsey are not therapists, nor are they your mental health professionals. The Reclaiming Home course is not meant to treat mental health symptoms or diagnose anything. Reclaiming Home is a set of tools to help create a daily routine based on Ashley and Ruthie's routines.
Note: Due to the digital nature of the Reclaiming Home course, there are no refunds.
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