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What's Inside The Reclaiming Home Course:
  • Inside the course you’ll find mantras, journal prompts, meditations, and breathing exercises.
  •  Mantras are empowering declarations that help you stay mindful to your thoughts, feelings and intentions.
  •  ​In the daily journal prompts we give, you’ll be invited to process through your emotions and feelings.
  •  As we dug deeper into what true meditation is, we discovered that it helps be able to live in the present moment, not in the past or in the future.
  • ​Week 1 - Reclaim Your Pain - Your daily practice is your training ground for how to show up in the world and live intentionally. Week 1 will be helping you create daily routines that invite you to find joy in your life, exactly how it is, and reclaim your pain by reclaiming your peace. Through daily journal prompts and this week’s expert meditation, you’ll start receiving more clarity for your life.
  • ​Week 2 - Reclaim Your Power - Have you ever been afraid to use your voice? It’s time to take your power back, and to reclaim it from people, events, or things that have taken it from you. This week, you’ll be given tools and journal prompts to help you uncover your power, and step more fully into it.
  • ​​Week 3 - Reclaim Your Body - What would it feel like to wholly, and completely, love yourself. Many times we take out our pain on the closet person to us, ourselves. This week will empower you to love that girl staring back at you in the mirror. Through daily practices, and expert meditation, week 3 is an invitation to come back home to yourself.
  • ​​Week 4 - Reclaim Your Healing - What would a life of healing feel like for you? Healing is yours. It is happening right now. It is something that we have to actively participate in, and you’ll have built your own tool box throughout our time together that can serve you for the rest of your life. This week, you’ll be empowered to create affirmations and a healing path for moving forward, and we’ll have a collective LIVE meditation to begin the week. 
  • ​Bonus - Weekly guided meditations by Rebecca McCotter (guest expert)
  • ​Join us LIVE, February 1st at 7pm Central for a training with Ashley and Ruthie!
ONLY $147
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